CIQ Headlines for May 29, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Original Shows Streamed for Summer– (Broadcasting & Cable) TBS and TNT are streaming their original programming on the internet for the summer TV lull. All the summer series will be available on line the next morning after air. “Studios and operators may be more open to streaming because broadcast networks, and a few cable networks that have streamed shows, have seen that streaming actually builds TV viewing.” CIQ: We think this is a great opportunity for advertisers to see how online-only TV works as a platform for them.

Bright Spot in Dismal Newspaper Biz–(Media Post) Q1 Ad spending online was up 22% in year-over-year growth to $750 million. Overall ad spending was down about 5%. And the online portion grew from 5 to 7%. CIQ: Newspapers must– we repeat must– find a way to drive CPMs higher and move clients more aggressively online with innovative ad products. At this point, it’s a matter of survival.

Ad Exchanges Could Be Shot in the Arm for Display Advertising–(WSJ) In headlines last week, we reported that of last year’s $17 billion in online advertising, 40% of it was search and 22% was display. How will the ad-exchange market help? “Online ad exchanges aim to bring ad buyers and sellers together into an open marketplace where unsold publisher inventory is assigned a value based on advertisers’ interest. Advertisers set the price they’re willing to pay for the spot, then the exchange notifies the publisher, which will run the spot if the price meets publisher expectation. By bringing together a lot of sellers–which means bigger targeted audiences–exchanges believe they can help advertisers and publishers get better returns from non-premium inventory. Advertisers also like the transparent pricing and the neutral, Nasdaq-like approach to selling.”