CIQ Headlines for May 30, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Local Law Firms Using Spot Runner for Custom Ads— (Media Post) Spot Runner has teamed with Reed Elsevier to offer ad products to law firms. It’s a way of monetizing the “long tail.” Here’s how it works: “Spot Runner, which is backed by big agency holding companies such as Interpublic and WPP, has already had a profound impact in other local franchise based categories, such as real estate agencies, offering big chains like Century 21, Coldwell Banker and ERA the ability to customize ads and plan and buy local TV avails based on the coverage areas of local agents.” They are starting in a few states and offering creative in popular practice areas. Then these pieces of creative can be customized for individual firms. CIQ: We believe services like this will play an important future in advertising. Just like powerful software brought desktop design into the hands of the masses. This will do the same for TV advertising. And you won’t have to look like Bob-O-Pedic.

USA Today Brands Books— (Media Post) USA Today has extended the newspaper’s brand by signing licenses with six U.S. book publishers. The effort complements its previous expansion into online, mobile and TV programming. The topics will vary, and all books will be branded USA Today. They will feature art and content from the 25-year-old national newspaper. CIQ: Think what you want of Gannett, this is a great idea. The book publishing industry has never really gotten the idea of brands. And those that do, like Harvard University Press, really reap the benefits.

SkyBus Takes Ads on Own Website–(Media Post) The Columbus-Ohio-based discount airlines will begin to sell ad inventory on its web site. CIQ: Airlines are struggling. The travel category is hot-hot-hot especially online. I get a Skymall catalog on the actual plane as well as ads in the Airline magazine. So, what’s the question?