CIQ Headlines for May 24, 2007

CIQ Headlines

In Local Market Newpaper Sites Lag Behind Local TV(Center for Media Research) Local TV stations appear to have made the online transition more successfully than local newspapers, according to this study. “While some of the web sites in the report represent both TV and newspaper combined, many of the top ranked local web sites are stand-alone TV stations, rather than newspapers. The data is derived from the most recent 2006 surveys conducted in 85 U.S. markets and tracks past 30-day visitors to a TV station or daily newspaper web site.” CIQ: Local stations have the advantage of video. That said, many many print outlets have been very slow to act.

Internet Ad Revenue Up 35% in 2006–(San Francisco Chronicle) According to the IAB, ‘net ad revenue hit a record $17 billion, the best year on record. Search generated 40%, display ads 22%, and classifieds 18%. CIQ: The search figure continues to astound. We must do a better job at developing ad products in order for the potential of the “display” category to be realized.

S&S to Launch Author Video–(CNet) In an attempt to harness the power of the internet to shore up lagging book sales, Simon and Schuster is putting 40 author videos online. CIQ: Online video is great. But the book industry really needs to fix its medieval business model.