CIQ Headlines for January 9, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Burger King in the Content Biz— (AD Age) BK is co-producing content with xbox. We feel more and more traditional agencies will be edged out by these advertiser-content producder collaborations.

UGC (user-generated content) Works for Advertisers–(eMarketer) A recent study by Compete and cited by the center for media research suggests that consumers are more persuaded by UGC than by information from brand advertisers. We think the next frontier is figuring out how to package and make sense of all the UGC out there.

Cisco Supports Convergence— (CNet) We love articles that remind us of 1999. Remember convergence? Well it’s back. Tuesday Cisco’s keynote will be on the topic, telling the industry it will work with content creators and providers to help create products and electronics for a converged platform. Very exciting. But let’s start with the basics: Could I please surf directly to IMDB from the “guide” function on my digital cable?