CIQ Headlines for February 27, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Marketers Go to Digital Shops for Traditional Work— (Media Post) Some dismal facts from a new Forrester report. Only 20% of companies would recommend their traditional agency to another client. Most marketers feel their ad agency as the least competent among all vendors at delivering marketing technology. And 76% of marketers don’t measure the ROI on the work of their lead agency. So into the gap steps the digital shop, perceived as better, nimbler, more accountable. CIQ: There’s no such thing as “emarketing” anymore. If you’ve got “marketing” it has to have the “e” in there somewhere.

Project Apollo Shows Promise— (WSJ) The pressure to measure traditional advertising was on– pushed by the hyper-measurable digitabl. Now the venture between Arbitron and Nielsen seems to be paying off. “Portable People Meters” worn by panelists can pick out what channels are beign watched, what ads served up and when, giving real actionable data to marketers. CIQ: We are interested to see if online will be included for true integration of measurement.

Canadian Actors to Get New Media Compensation— (Hollywood Reporter) The screen actors guild in Canada has agreed to compensation terms for performances used in content distributed over the Internet, mobile or other new-media platforms. CIQ: A landmark agreement. SAG in US must catch up.