CIQ Headlines for February 28, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Competition for Video Site Stars–(NYT) YouTube stars are being courted with offers from competetive sites. Some sites offer $5 per 1000 views. CIQ: Never mind the old route of getting an agent and trying to break into the biz.

New Route: MySpace to iTunes–(NYT) Tila Tequila has 1.7 million friends on MySpace, and is now launching a single on iTunes. CIQ: She’s also a former Playboy model, which probably helped. But still, there’s no record lable anywhere in this picture.

Magazine Association: Online Video Will Be Profitable— (Media Post) Forbes online video gets more views than CNN’s on TV, but the CPM is drastically lower. Will this last? The MPA says no. As CPMs catch up, online video will become profitable for magazines. CIQ: Traditional networks lag in posting online video. If mags catch on, they will become the new “broadcaster.”