CIQ Headlines for February 26, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Searching Inside Videos— (NYT) Blinxx combines speech-recognition technology with contextual patterns to search for internet video. CIQ: There are lots of entrants into this space, including Google. It’s good news for content makers, as effective search is one step towards monetizing content.

Publishers Come Out with Different Readers— (FT) Associated Newspapers, Forbes, and Hearst all say they are coming out with proprietary reader formats based on Windows. The New York Times already has one. The Windows-based formats are a challenge to Adobe. CIQ: Steve Jobs? Are you out there? Cool device needed. Also some leadership. MP3 devides were out for years before you did the iPod, but no one could get it right. The eReader space needs you.

Evolution of Video Ads— ( Pre-roll doesn’t work. But bottom-of-screen ad tickers and other wrap-around seem to. CIQ: Everything old is new again. Remember Juno and NetZero? There are probably other ideas (dismissed prematurely) that we can bring out of the closet and dust off for Web 2.0.