CIQ Headlines for March 9, 2007

CIQ Headlines

WSJ Ad Revenue Down 10%–(WSJ) The year-over-year decline in ad revenue is attributed to the shift in media consumption from print to digital. CIQ: Fortunately the WSJ has long experience with its online product. We wonder if they will find it necessary to make the online product free.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Advertise– (Business Week) Skyrider and MediaDefender are startups based on the following premise: Every time you try to shut down a peer-to-peer file sharing endeavor, a new one springs up. Therefore, these companies are developing technologies to stream advertising into P2P file-sharing activities. CIQ: The technology responds to P2P searches, delivering copyrighted content that is ad sponsored. We think this is a great way to monetize this seemingly uncontrollable space.

RSS 2.0— A new company, Divvio, Inc. is “developing a service that automatically finds audio, video, and, eventually, text, on your favorite subjects. Then it weaves these clips together to create personalized multimedia channels that are updated each time you sign on.” CIQ: We think this kind of smart, multimedia “push search” is great idea. We would like to see choose-your-own-advertiser technology wrapped into it.