CIQ Headlines for February 23, 2007

CIQ Headlines

NY Times Embraces Innovation — (FT) Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr recently said he did not know, or care, whether the NYT print version would be around in 5 years. And a whole team of new people at the NYT have been hired to confront the digital future. One main focus is the Times Reader. CIQ: Evidence that one solution for print will be the advent of eReading devices.

Microsoft Fined $1.52 Billion in MP3 Patent Case — (NYT) The jury decided in favor of Alcatel-Lucent, one of whose forebearers is Bell Labs. Bell Labs was involved in the initial development of the MP3 format and owns the patent. MS uses Windows Media player to play MP3s and only pays royalties to a German company with rights to some, but evidently not all, of the technologies involved in MP3. CIQ: Watch out Apple.

Fox Buys Ad Measurment Company–(Media Post) By buying Strategic Data Corp, Fox hopes to be able to finely target advertising to users on its community site My Space. CIQ: Great move. We would also like to see users choose their advertisers.