CIQ Headlines for February 22, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Measuring Outdoor–(NYT) The Traffic Audit Bureau is developing better ways to measure outdoor advertising, which cannot be Tivo-zapped or avoided. According to Jon Mandel, chief executive at the NielsenConnect unit of the Nielsen Company in New York“There’s a little something called the Internet, something that all other media are trying to get as accountable as.” CIQ: The article predicts the growth of outdoor once there are better metrics. This, we predict, will be a boon to online, which has been compared to outdoor since inception.

IBM Tells Media Companies: Loosen Grip on Content— (Media Post) The report from IBM’s media consulting arm advises media companies to allow their content to be used creatively in mash-ups and overdubs. It also recommends developing new content for the digital medium rather than serving old wine in new bottles. CIQ: Right on target.

Pay Model to Eclipse Ad-Supported Video Downloads–(Financial Times) According to Adams Media Research consumers will spend approximately $4.1bn a year on films and television programmes – a significant increase on the $111m spent in 2006. Providers using ad-supported distribution, on the other hand, will likely see revenues of only $1.7bn annually, compared with $409m last year. CIQ: This makes sense, once I can search TV like the Internet for the content I want and download it immediately. A missed point: what about new content forms invented just for online?