CIQ Headlines for February 20, 2007

CIQ Headlines

New Comic Book Hub for MySpace–(Media Post) Demonstrating that the web these days is not all about video, MySpace is tapping into the popularity of comic books in their new hub. There have already been sponsors like Jeep, Mazda and Chrysler. CIQ: We believe organzing priciples like this will bring a much needed order to the UCG world

Content Recognition Software Brings Accountability–(NYT) Almost unbelievably, new software can identify copyrighted content from a blurry video clip dubbed in Chinese. MySpace is employing Audible Magic’s solution. While You Tube, after having blown off their self-imposed January deadline to begin filtering, sits on the sidelines. CIQ: The question is, will the audience go elsewhere to sites with no filtering once accountability arrives?

Online Provides 60% of Revenue for Oslo Newspaper–(NYT) The company credits its success to being willing to canabalize an existing business, which it saw as eroding, to create a new business online. CIQ: Some may argue you can do this in Norway, which is a small country. However, the equivalent in the US is local newspapers. These are the properties needing digital investment.