CIQ Headlines for February 21, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Private Equity, Not Ad Firms, Invest in iShops–(WSJ) AKQA and Digitas are the latest examples of internet ad shops receiving large infusions of VC money. The big ad holding companies are slower to invest. CIQ: Ad agencies may share the same fate as print media if they do not invest in the digital future.

So Much Video, So Little Money–(Ad Age) Websites are chock full of streaming video content. But the biz is still in search of an ad model. CIQ: This space needs more organization, editorial input, and directorship. Once there is a content framework instead of a free-for-all an ad model will be easier to see.

UCG for the Rolex Set: Google Docs–(Information Week) It’s a little-known Google site where you can upload and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets. For instance, using this free site, several people can collaborate on a business plan, book, classroom project. The audience? Half a million people. A third of them earn $100K plus. Three-quarters earn $50K plus. CIQ: Here is the basis for an ad model.