CIQ Headlines for February 13, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Hollywood Needs More Than Content–(Hollywood Reporter) “Strapped by their inefficient response to a bustling marketplace, it is incumbent upon the powers that be at News Corp. and Disney to brainstorm new business propositions that can provide more constant revenue in a marketplace where peer sharing and piracy run rampant. No one is yet meeting that formidable challenge.” CIQ: Hollywood needs a kind of expertise that they don’t seem to have.

Print: “Reports of My Death Greatly Exaggerated”–(Center for Media Research) The US numbers are indeed flat. But if you take in the global picture, global newspaper circulation was up 9.95 percent over five years and 2.36 percent over twelve months. CIQ: Not surprising, as the US leads in digital penetration, and that’s what’s driving print’s decline. 

Time & TV Guide Strike Deal for Video— (Media Post) They are tapping Brightcove as their video partner. CIQ: The Hollywood Reporter article above notes that, ironically, print sites are beating TV sites at the online video game.