CIQ Headlines for February 14, 2007

CIQ Headlines

MTV Lays Off, Shifts Dollars into Digital— (NYT) The network is downsizing its workforce by 5.5%, saying it must use the dollars to invest in the digital future. CIQ: Evidence of the pain digital is inflicting on traditional media outlets. Current business is shaky, and yet there is growing need to invest in online. The dollars have to come from somewhere.

Belgian Court Rules Against Google–(Media Post) For posting article headlines and snippets of articles for which users would normally need to pay. CIQ: US courts are less likely to rule this way. This case brings up two critical points. (1) We are dealing with the “world wide” web. A company that wants to catalogue all human knowlege can’t have the caveat “except Belgium.” (2) The case points to the need for an overall subscription model (like cable) which would dole out payments to copyright holders.

Short Films for Small Screen –(San Jose Mercury News) The wireless industry is seeking out filmmakers to produce short-form movies for the small screen. CIQ: An interesting new form is being born. See The Medium Affects the Content.