CIQ Headlines for May 9, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Kraft Launches Second Life Venture—(Chicago Tribune) By creating a supermarket in Second Life Kraft will become the first food marketer with virtual products consumable by avatars. CIQ: We think marketers get more buzz around the press releases for this kind of thing than actual brand benefit from being in Second Life.

NBC Limits Pre-Roll –(Media Post) NBC announced that it will limit pre-roll on its video clips to 15 seconds. CIQ: We think advertisers would be better off with shorter interruptions mid-way into content. We also like the idea of a branded wrapper around video clips.

Online Newspaper Audience Outpaces Overall Web Growth — (Media Post) The growth of the audience to online newspapers is growing at 5.3% compared to 2.7% for the internet at large. However, “newspaper companies are having a hard time monetizing those audiences at levels high enough to offset losses from print advertising declines.” CIQ: We believe the answer is in the ad product itself. Also, if print continues to decline, CPMs will rise online.