CIQ Headlines for May 3, 2007

CIQ Headlines

What a Murdoch-Owned Future Might Look Like for DJ –(Business Week) Among other things, Dow Jones owns two sites, Barrons &, that have made the pay-to-read model work. This article takes a good look at the financial online powerhouse that Murdoch might soon own. CIQ: Both Murdoch and DJ get the new media landscape. Says DJ CEO, “The aim of our transformation plan is to transform Dow Jones from a company heavily dependent on print revenue to a more diversified content-driven consumer and enterprise media company.” Do they need Murdoch to help them do it?

In Web Uprising Antipiracy Code Published –(NYT) A few days ago, received cease & desist letters because some members had published the 32-digit code necessary to hack into movies.  Rather than eliminating the threat to digital piracy, the attempt to put the lid on had the opposite affect, with the technorati proliferating its distribution. CIQ: Whatever your personal opinion might be on digital rights, copyrights, etc., the practical reality is that locking down content has become harder and harder to do. You can fight the good fight, or figure out another way to make money on the web.

Email is the Star at AOL— (Washington Post) AOL’s ad revenue was up 35%, despite the fact that revenues declined from $2 billion to $1.5 billion. An interesting not is that 40% of the AOL ad revenue came from ads on the now-free email service. CIQ: We contintue to think email is the killer app.