CIQ Headlines for March 28, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Child Put to Bed— (NYT) Meredith Corporation will cease publication of Child Magazine, though it will keep the Child website running. CIQ: Like the American version of Premier and Life Magazine, the Child strategy is becoming familiar in the fading print world.

Ads Go to Gaming–(Adage) Marketers like P&G are sponsoring games, allowing gamers to play for free if a game contains ads. CIQ: With 100 million gamers out there, it’s a huge untapped platform for ads. It seems likely that other untapped platforms (books? music downloads) will explore this terrain.

Finder’s Fee–(Chicago Tribune) One 17-year old makes $1000/month digging through news and making recommendations to sites like Netscape and CIQ: The job is to find unusual content like an image of “Dubai in the fog.” We love this idea. A way to empower knowledgeable searchers to recommend content. It’s kind of the anti-Google.