CIQ Headlines for January 16, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Print Media Slashes Staff–(NYT, Free with registration) More news about print media needing to cut staff because of declining ad pages and ciruculation. Resources are shifting to the web. Our questions: (a) Can web CPMs support a large-scale transition of print to web? (b) Is the shift happening fast enough to save some print pubs? (c) Are digital publications doing enough to offer advertisers innovative products?

Venice Project Now Called Joost–(Media Daily News) Kazaa and Netflix founders go for convergence. They say: “Combining the best of TV with the best of the internet, Joost gives you more control and freedom than ever before – control over what you watch, and freedom to watch it whenever you like. We’re providing a platform for the best television content on the planet – a platform that will bring you the biggest and best shows from the TV studios, as well as the specialist programs created by professionals and enthusiasts.” Message for traditional media– Yikes!

Needed for Brands: Training Wheels for Second Life–(Mediapost) Greg Verdino, new-technology guy from Digitas offers brands some advice on participating in Second Life. One of his points: You can’t just build it and forget about it. We have seen this behavior for over 10 years with regard to brands on the Internet: Once the print ad or TV spot is done, you can forget about it. Brands have had a hard time adjusting to the idea of a web site that needs updating every day or week, ditto with a blog. And now we see it in their social networking participation. The realities of new media will require brands to revised their launch-it-and-forget-about-it expectations.