CIQ Headlines for March 1, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Insta-Book Tries to Catch Obama Wave–(WSJ) The problem with books is that they take so long to produce, delaying publishers ability to capitalize on crazes or popular trends. Black Dog & Leventhal pulled off a Barak Obama book in 2 weeks. CIQ: A good publishing development, if a little extreme. We opine that most books take way too long to produce.

Blockbuster in Talks with Movielink–(Reuters) The movie download site is owned by Hollywood studios. CIQ: This solves a problem for both sides, as Blockbuster battles against Netflix, and Hollywood battles against itself.

CBS Gets Serious–(Mediapost) The network has hired chief of ad sales at Google, Patrick Keane. His new job is to monetize CBS content on emerging platforms. CIQ: A necessary step. But new job titles aren’t enough. The big advantage of upstart companies is that they make decisions lickty-split and don’t have to deal with the inertia of established corporations.