CIQ Headlines for October 9, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Hachette Plans Digital Books: (Yahoo!) Hachette Book Group USA is developing an program to make their books digitally browsable and searchable online. The books will also be accompanied by “widgets.”  CIQ: As publishing seems to be preparing for the eReader world, it would be nice if the gadget makers could provide a good one.

Portals are the New Networks: ( By aggregating content and audience, the big four, Yahoo!, Google, AOL, and MSN, “are becoming this generation’s power hubs for news, commanding the attention that the networks did in their heyday.” CIQ: This fact still receives less attention than Katie Couric’s job switch.  

New Measurability Standards for Print: (NYT) Ad measurement firm Starch is introducing new parameters into its reporting on print advertising. They include techniques to help determine how advertisements in magazines and newspapers affect the purchase behavior of consumers. CIQ: We can’t help but wonder how much this move was driven by pressure from the ultra-measurable online ad space.