CIQ Headlines for May 16

CIQ Headlines

Buying off Bloggers—(WSJ) “Who says you can’t buy love? Trying to tap into the burgeoning power of blogs as promotional tools and fed up with the jaded attitudes of professional critics and TV feature writers, studios and networks are flooding bloggers with free stuff in hopes the flattered recipients will reward them with positive coverage. Flowing into the trough is everything from fancy gym bags and toasters to video iPods and free trips.” CIQ: We haven’t received any free stuff. And we feel very slighted.

Networks Struggle for Relevancy in Upfront—(NYT) In this week’s upfront, the big networks are trying to deal with the fact that commercials are being zapped and, let’s face it, TV viewership is wooed by online, ipods, games, anything but TV. ABC is presenting TV as just one medium where its content can be viewed. All the networks are proposing more innovative commercials containing original content to hold the attention of viewers. CIQ: We think the answer lies in serving viewers commercials they are interested in for products that match their interests. In other words, the technology is going to have to get a lot smarter in terms of  “permission” to engage people in commercials. In addition, content producers need to make a better value exchange with the viewer.

Copyright & the Web—(Wired) The imposition of royalty fees on web radio broadcasters will drive most out of business. “But But all is not lost. Webcasting may spiral into its own dark ages, but the resulting debate over royalties could drive Congress into overhauling copyright law and finally forcing the music industry, kicking and screaming, into the future (or at least the present).”  CIQ: This article lays out a comprehensive view of copyright law as it exists now and the hurdles it erects for new-style broadcasters.