CIQ Headlines for May 11, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Trouble in VC Paradise–(NYT) Allthose yachts and McMansions and third homes may only be for partners investing in the top tier VC firms. The others, according to this NYT article, are not making meaningful payouts to their limited partners. CIQ: This reminds us of 2000 when there was a lot of buzz about a very few who made money.

Joost Gets $45 Million–(Media Post) The investors may not have read the story above. But perhaps, with Kazaa founder at the helm, the bet is that this will be a top tier investment. The internet television start-up is positioned to take on You Tube.

Internet Strategy to Find Lost Print Audience–(Mediaweek) The study was conducted by media agency conglomerate Group M, which says, “Our advice is to panic a little.” Advertisers, the study advises, must move more quickly and agressively online to capture the audience it is losing in print. CIQ: Our advice: Panic a lot.