CIQ Headlines for March 2, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Authors Gain Audience Through Podiocasts–(NYT) Snubbed by publishers or frustrated that books take so long to produce, many authors are developing a fan base through podcsting their books. CIQ:The book industry has been nearly as slow moving as the music industry, (though nowhere near as vile.) Their protection: The book is a perfect piece of technology. Which is absolutely true. But, an iPod is awfully nice as well. 

Netscape Founder Provides Community Toolkit For Free— (Washington Post) Andreessen’s new company called Ning will soon release a free toolkit allowing users to build a social network with a few mouse clicks. CIQ: The idea is that people will launch highly tailored social networking sites, away from the rabble of MySpace & Facebook.

Electronic Trading for Ads–(CNET) The four A’s has an effort called “eBiz for Media.” Also, eBay is looking to enter the space, connecting sellers of ad inventory with potential buyers in an electronic auction. CIQ: This is a great solution and much needed advancement in a business that is still done the old fashioned way and lacks transparency.