CIQ Headlines for March 13, 2007

CIQ Headlines

All Human Knowledge, But Not Really–(NYT) Libraries have digitized huge amounts of their collections– rare books, letters, images– because the new generation of researchers prefers, even expects, to be able to research online. But, there is simply not enough money to pay for everything to be scanned, with the result that, “entire swaths of political and cultural history are in danger of being forgotten by new generations of amateur researchers and serious scholars.” CIQ: True research still has to be done the old-fashioned way, with a visit to the stacks.

Former Disney CEO to Launch Web Shorts–(Media Post) Eisner is backing Vuguru, a production company that will produce 80 episodes of 90 seconds each entitled Prom Queen. CIQ: We believe this kind of scripted, serialized short content in video, audio and text will emerge as a popular new form.

iVillage Languishing at NBC–(AdAge) The web property was to be the star of the new digital strategy at NBC. But traffic is stagnant and there has been little effort to upgrade the community elements of the site. CIQ: Old media companies can’t just buy it. They need to get it.