CIQ Headlines for January 31, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Newspapers Must Reinvent Themselves–(Hollywood Reporter) More ink on the fact that, in order to survive, newspapers must reincarnate in a meaningful digital way. CIQ: This will take time, money and brains. There will likely be pain and casualties along the way. Newspapers need bright digital minds on staff.

Snickers Site Extends Bowl Ad–(Ad Week) The microsite will provide alternate endings to the TV commercial. CIQ: Focusing the UCG energy is a great idea.

Online Advertising is Up, Site Development Soaks Up Dollars– (Media Post) Fascinating stat that’s rarely seen. 58% of all “online advertising” is actually spent on marketers’ own web sites. CIQ: Publishers must do more to offer creative ideas, including microsites. In other CIQ material we have covered that advertisers and agencies are more and more getting into the business of publishing content, effectively competing with publishers.