CIQ Headlines for January 29, 2007

CIQ Headlines

You Tube to Pay Users–(Media Post) You Tube announced over the weekend that it will share a portion of the ad revenue it ears on popular videos with the user who posted the video. CIQ: A step towards democratizing content and monetizing the long tail.

Old Media Optimistic — (Financial Times) In Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum, the moguls of Old Media sound hopeful. Says Bob Wright, chairman of NBC Universal, the company plans to place “small bets” on new media initiatives and start-ups. CIQ: We see reminders of the dot-com heyday. Maybe this time around we can all keep our heads.

Eat Food, Not Too Much –(New York Times Magazine) A fascinating article about the ascendance of “nutritionism”– eating manufactured food filled with “nutrients” instead of the plain old stuff your great-grandmother would recognize as food. The culprit: corporations and politicians working collaborating for the profit of the food industry. CIQ: From cancer information to cell-phone video of Baghdad, the democratization of content has the potential disrupt long standing power structures.