CIQ Headlines for January 24, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Can Online Save Print— (Editor & Publisher) One of the most important articles we’ve seen recently. The problem for traditional print: An online customer brings in $5-10 in revenue. A traditional print reader brings in $1000. Online’s efficiency plus years of bloat in print ad dollars are adding up to a witch’s brew where no one is the winner.

Politicians Circumvent Big Media— (Boston Globe) Everyone in commerce loves a bottleneck. Take a wedding– you have to spend money in a short amount of time with a deadline. For media, elections are like a wedding, bringing big windfalls. Will online video take some of the gravy away from the networks. A Boston Globe columnist says, “Circumvention by tech-savvy politicians is one of many ongoing predicaments that will begin altering big media’s value proposition and economics during the next several years”

Agencies Owning Content?– (Ad Age) Some agencies (Crispin Porter) are moving away from a clock-punching model. And to the extent that they create content, they want to share in the ownership.