CIQ Headlines for January 18, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Robo Creation— (AdAge) Pick-N-Click is a new technology that allows people to create banner ads through drop-down menus. Its most obvious use would be to allow a franchise to customize standard creative for very little cost. We wonder about this sort of application expanded to other uses. For example, I am using blog software right now to become a web publisher. Could I employ some similarly easy-to-use software to create animations and webisodes?

Brightcove gets $60MM–(MediaPost) A chunk of that was from the New York Times. The melding of print, user-generated content, and online video is a cats-living-with-dogs CIQ phenomenon.

3 Networks Vie for Online Traffic— (Media Daily News) Don’t touch that…er…address bar. The major networks are streaming shows from their websites and competing for traffic. This is a convergence trend where computer becomes TV. The iphone combines phone and ipod. What will the devices be for the future? Will we read, or listen? On what device? Will we make trips to the movie theater, or just to the big, surround-sound, flat-screen TV in our living room?