CIQ Headlines for January 17, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Social Networking Subscription Model–( Deloitte’s Technology Media & Telecommunications Practice in Ireland predicts trends for 2007. One of which is that older people will use social networking sites more and will be willing to pay for privacy. We agree, and believe that a cable TV model– where you pay one subscription fee and get access to varios “channels”– will come to the internet.

Bigger, Not Better for Advertisers– (eMarketer) New research suggests that so-called long-tail sites, niche sites with 1,000,000 or fewer viewers, are more effective for advertisers. A true CIQ phenomenon, democratising content and suggesting that small niche content can be monetized.

Needed in Viral: Good Storytelling– (Business Week) London Firm the Viral Factory is consulting with advertisers to make sure their viral efforts don’t backfire. We see this as a CIQ phenomenon. The principles for “good viral,” are the principles for good content or storytelling. It must be entertaining. It must have humor and conflict. In other words, it must meld advertising messages with what screenwriters have known forever.