CIQ Headlines for January 15, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Hollywood & YouTube–(NYT, free with registration) Kids are uploading bootlegged movies to YouTube. Studios are trying to work out licensing deals with the site, but suits are possible. The CIQ question: How do content producers– studios in this case– harness the power of YouTube and avoid becoming like the music industry? Our answer is that they need to (a) package lots of content for free on YouTube, and (b) Invent new compelling content just for YouTube. And do it FAST.

Getting Local. REALLY Local –(NYT, free with registration) allows communities to create hyper-local online newspapers. A great idea. We are fascinated to watch what advertising does in this space. Another likely source of revenue: Local politicians.

 Harper Collins Invests in Content Digitizers— (Publishers Weekly) HC has taken a stake in the company that has helped it create its digital warehouse. We are interested in all the potential uses– and partial uses– of this digital content. See two-part article, beginning today, on the New York Public Library.

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