CIQ Headlines for February 6, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Old Face, New Challenges–(New York Times) At 26, Jeff Zucker was the executive producer of the Today Show. Now, at 41, he becomes CEO of NBC Universal. CIQ: Whatta job! Leading an old network in an age of media revolution. 

Wiki Comes to Search–(Information Week) Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales is taking on Google, harnassing the power of the community in search. Instead of a closely held proprietary search algorithm, Wales envisions an open-source approach. CIQ: Wales makes a compelling argument for transparency. After all, we don’t know why certain search results come up first in Google. And the stakes can be millions of dollars for companies.

AOL Chief Calls for Better Ads— (Advertising Age) Just like we said yesterday, the current state of online advertising will not support high-value CPMs. Randy Falco asks the audience at the iMedia Brand Summit to, “Help us find our version of 30-second spot on the internet. Define new interactive campaigns and make display ads more engaging.”