CIQ Headlines for February 5, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Land of Gutenberg Questions Print–(International Herald Tribune) Vanity Fair is about to launch a German issue. Says the writer, “Condé Nast’s introduction, set for Thursday, of a weekly version of the storied American monthly comes at a time when the idea of publishing on paper sounds increasingly like an anachronism.” 

World’s Oldest Paper Goes Digital –(Editor & Publisher) The world’s oldest newspaper in continuous publication is the Sweedish Post-och Inrikes Tidningar, founded in 1645. Now, the only available edition will be online. CIQ: There are so many negative comments in this article. “What a shame it is only online!” How about, “Isn’t it wonderful there IS an online or the paper would disappear entirely.”

Turner Broadcasting Fined $2 Million –(WSJ) For the buzz-campaign gone awry in Boston. People who saw the small off-color electronic signs of cartoon characters on bridges, tunnels, and subway stations called the police. CIQ: It’s very hard to understand why this didn’t happen in the other cities where the signs were also posted. Shows the unpredictability of viral/buzz marketing.