CIQ Headlines for February 2, 2007

CIQ Headlines

IVillage Hosts 2ndLife Fashion Show–(Media Post) Intended to boost the popularity of iVillage Monday, the virtual fashion show corresponds with the opening of Fashion Week in New York. CIQ: A wonderful idea, but with only 400 simultaneous avatars possible, one has to wonder about the bang-for-the-buck.

Porn Leads the Way in Digital Content Ideas and Format— (Wired) Online metrics almost always filter out online gambling and porn from the eCommerce numbers. Otherwise, our charts would be in the stratusphere. It’s no surprise that these two industries have led many online innovations. Wired columnist Regina Lynn notes that as people battle about DVD formats, the future of porn is in on-demand video and real-time simulated interaction. CIQ: Hollywood take notice and ask, how does this apply to your creative product.

EA Raises Support for Wii–(Financial Times) The get-off-the-couch video game is now outselling PS3, prompting Electronic Arts to announce increased support for the Wii. CIQ: One can imagine content developed for the platform that’s not just bowling. Say, jumprope with Shrek.