CIQ Headlines for February 12, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Ford Increases Branded Entertainment Push— (Media Post) Branded entertainment manager says there are 104 projects in the works. CIQ: This is evidence of corporations struggling to find a new advertising model. But it’s easier to insert cars into movies, than, say, post-its.

Advertising Is Killing Itself– (NYT Magazine) From yesterday’s magazine, the writer cites the ad for Rolodexes on the bottom of the gray bins at airline security as evidence of oversaturation. CIQ: Some new thinking about advertising is needed as dozens of new content models spring up like mushrooms. Current thinking seems to be, “the more, the more.”

One in Five Go from Bowl to Site–(Media Post) And this, despite the fact that most thought the Superbowl commercials were really not that great. CIQ: Perhaps here we have the thread of a new ad strategy. Find ways to capture attention, then engage truly interested consumers online.