CIQ Headlines for April 27, 2007

CIQ Headlines

Joost Out with a Bang— (MediaPost) The YouTube competitor has lined up 32 heavy-hitter advertisers for its launch. It is providing innovative ad units and, “unlike video-sharing sites like YouTube, which are dominated by short clips, Joost specializes in long-form, high-quality content provided by the likes of Viacom, Warner Music, National Geographic, and Endemol.” CIQ: YouTube says it will have ads this summer. But advertisers are clearly insatiable to make the leap from dying TV to hot online video.

Vision for New Video World— (MediaPost) Tech pioneer Jeremy Allaire lays out a vision with an explosion of content creation. In this world where users will be “snacking” on content, he says, advertising must be tethered to the content in much shorter pre-roll and some mid-content roll. CIQ: Right on, brother. Most publishers, however, are stuck in a drive-people-to-my-site world, and are unwilling to fragment and distribute their content. Gives Reebok Flexibility–(WSJ) worked with Reebok on more than just banners. The ad buy wove throughout the site, including advertorial-type features with spokes-actress Scarlett Johansson and extended to 300 related parner sites and blogs. CIQ: Take heed, publishers. Advertisers want this kind of innovation and cooperation.