Wii-TV, not Web TV

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Just before Christmas, I was at a friend’s house. He has a 9-year-old daughter who has the new Wii — a device very relevant to the topic of Web TV. For those of you who did not risk being trampled to get one of these things before Christmas, here’s what it is:

It’s a kind of holographic video-game experience. You hold a small remote in your hand. The instructions remind you to keep the wrist band fastened so you don’t fling it at your HD-TV and dent the screen. Then, the movements of your arm are mirrored by the avatar on the screen. You swing your arm back and forward, releasing a button and a bowling ball goes flying down the lane. Pretty neat. My 9-year-old friend wiped the floor with me in bowling. Continue reading

Covalence–Defining the Future Ad-Content Model

CIQ Trends

Covalence: (n) the number of electron pairs that an atom can share with other atoms.

Remember high school chemistry? The property of covalence is what allows atoms to form bonds with other atoms thereby creating molecules.

Today, Meredith Corporation, a magazine publisher, announced that it was acquiring a second ad agency. Specifically, an interactive shop. The reason behind this: to bolster the marketing services that the publisher provides to its advertisers.

Wait. Don’t ad agencies do that? Continue reading

Librarians Threatened with Extinction

CIQ Trends

Librarians and libraries are threatened with extinction. This according to a New York Times article, (link here). Certain libraries because they lack space and budget, must make decisions as to what books remain on the shelves. If it hasn’t been checked out in two years– out it goes. This is producing unfortunate results for titles like Jane Eyre and Dr. Faustus.

We think the reinvention of libraries is a CIQ phenomenon. We see a big opportunity for libraries to re-invent themselves online. Continue reading